Some speculation about the chinese and international prices of FT-25 OUTRIDER

Prices (in China and internationally) of FansToys products is a subject that interests me a lot.

Recently I made some comments on the TFW forum related to prices for the upcoming (al last) FT-25 Outrider.

I’m expecting the preorder in China to be something like 500/600 yuan 72/86 USD or less and street price some 800 yuan/115 USD (this would include the increase in pricing that FT mentioned for all products at the beginning of the year). But it also may be a little cheaper (Chinese street price for FT-44 Thomas, which is a triple changer and a bigger product than Outrider, seems to be around 125-130 USD, as mentioned by Dalianjj in the TFW forum).

Retail price internationally for Outrider will probably be some 140-150 USD (which is the current, revised preorder in some stores at the moment), and this goes with the expectation of preorder (not street) prices in China being some 70s, because they are usually half the international retail price (this has been true for all the FT releases that I managed to track Chinese preorder and street prices).

For more discussion on this topic, you can visit the TFW Forums – FANS TOYS FT-25 OUTRIDER (TRAILBREAKER) thread.

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