Sunday FANSTOYS rumours – August 2020

These are not exactly new, but here they are:

A comment in TFW noted that FT can possibly announce version 2.0 of the Insecticons soon. Only a rumour, but it does goes well with the fact that FT mentioned several times that they lost or do not have access to several molds of their first products, and also the 2.0 announcement for several figures.

About the Fantoys Universal Stand, it will fit more models than only the ones it will come with adaptors to – new releases (but not all) will also come with adaptors.

Fanstoys Universal Stand will cost 14 USD in China (not sure if it’s the retail or preorder price yet, if retail, the preorders will be cheaper, maybe some 10-12 USD).

For the rest of 2020, the releases seems to be  FT-16M Sovereign M reissue in September, FT-44 Thomas in October, FT-31D Smokey in November and FT-45 Spindrift 2.0 in December.

FT-02 acoustic wave updated news will come later this year. FT-26 Chomp and FT-21 Berserk are still in redesign.

I thought that I saw some preorders for FT-25 Outrider that mentioned the release date at the end of this year, which would then mean they it may probably be the first FansToys release of 2021. However, I was wrong, so this information is not accurate (even for a rumour). It would also be weird because FansToys has not even issued colored pictures (which they always do some months before the launch). Maybe we will see color pictures in updated news later this year?

In China, FT-25 Outrider will probably cost some 70 USD (and less for preorders, some 55 USD). It will probably cost 130-140 USD internationally (in keeping with the recent price changes for FT in china and worldwide)

Most of the info here is from discussions on the TFW Forum.

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