May I go Berserk?

I’m not sure if I put this here before but here is the translation of the conversation I had one month ago with a store in China:

Me: Hi, do you still have reservations about this? FT-21 Berserk
Also, the page mentions “full item 1999”. Is this the full pre-order price of the full retail price?

Store: Scheduled to be 1750.

Me: Do you know the expected date of release for FansToys FT-21 Berserk? Thank you.

Store: End of the year.

‚Äč(just as a reminder, we did have a leak of the cover box art for FT-21 some months ago, and that means that we probably have a final product done for some time). 

Now, I doubt it will still be released this year due to the recent announcements, but what worries me more is the suggested price. 1750 Yuan means 271 USD.

This would in principle be more or less in line with the INTERNATIONAL Price Category 3 (PC3) Triple changers such as Thomas and Headmaster such as Chomp (which it seems is now 239).

The problem is that the store is Chinese, so the price is a little bit weird. 

On the other hand, Thomas (the last new triple changer released) was also a bit of an outlier, because it’s PO in China was 900-950 Yuan, which was a lot more than the category cost at the time (700-750). 

The 1750 rmb price seems to be the Chinese retail price, which would be in line with the usual 1300-1400 retail price for Thomas (which, as I mentioned, was an outlier).

Also, Berserk was redesigned, so it might be the case that his final price would be an outlier to the category, in the same vein that Thomas was last year.

Well, let’s wait and see.

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