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    Yeah, I thought that you knew that… Maybe it got deleted in the original thread, but I had just messaged Forty and said in jest, “Now, watch me get banned for calling Dpuff a ‘pussy’ for not buying whatever new figure it was…” Maybe the funniest part about it was that you even responded and said something like, “I hold a similar standard for manhood: whether or not someone likes the same toys as me,” and whichever admin banned me had to edit your comment so that it looked like you were talking to yourself. That shit was hilarious and totally worth it.

    Son of a bitch. No i had no idea. I had ppl messaging me nonstop after asking what happened to you bc of the #freechristiano. I assumed it had something to do with that ko thread. Dude man thats so fucked. Really not diggin them usin my posts as a tool to get rid of someone. Woulda changed alot of my thinking alot quicker if i had known. Glad to see you found us here tho. Bout shit my pants when i saw u post yesterday lol

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