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    Oohh oohhhh ohhhhh….conspiracy time…..thats why djj left. He knew what was goin on with the sponsors and such and he knew he was about to jack up prices and in return would have to deal with more constant backlash from those sponsors “representatives”(eh) via the boards and the amount of shit those reps could and did stir up with the “community” so he just vanished instead. I might be high but fuck it sounds good :mrgreen:

    I’m not sure that you’re wrong.

    My guess – based on almost zero contact with the guy – was that he realized that there was very little upside to maintaining a message board presence due to how willfully and consistently people either distort information or bombard you with unnecessary demands. So, it’s not entirely different than what you’re saying.

    Just look at how XTB’s Facebook editor(s) responds on their own page: very selectively.

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