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    Did you note that most of the people that were not content in TFW were either new to TF or new to TFW? Seems to me that the guys that are there for years either don’t feel the toxicity, or accept it as it is (not that I blame anyone, it just seems a point to me).

    That’s a good point. Honestly, I usually steered clear of most people on TFW before because I was there mostly for the news and reviews. I’d interact here and there but I never really cared much about the bickering.

    It wasn’t until we all met up that I felt like the discussions were something worth investing my time. Some of the guys had interesting posts but for that small window of time, it became a blast to bounce off one another because you didn’t know where the conversations could wind up (Well, we know now where they led, getting us busted).


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