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    So, this happened. Long story short: Marcelo posted an estimate for what Fort Max will cost for Taobao buyers… And – surprise – our friend Nick (who’s a retailer) is upset. iTS a tErRIbLe pOSt because¬†his buyers¬†will see that and then, when it turns out to be inaccurate, get upset and pretend that a random guy’s Facebook post on an unofficial group site was wrong, but they still thought that it was official and guaranteed? Makes sense if you slam your head into a wall a lot.

    It really just occurred to me that these guys – who all just happen to be retailers themselves – keep getting angry about these price predictions because Marcelo is inundating people with new information about just how much cheaper it is to buy like this.

    You know, either that or we just keep encountering the most benevolent, truth-seeking Facebook dealers on the planet. You decide.

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