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    Well no bannings yet but I did have a news thread erased completely so that ChosenPrime could put up their version of it with more branding! So I mean, losing a credit has gotta be worth 2 thread bannings easy!

    Can I just point out that what happened to you is way worse than my banning? I at least was being disruptive and rude at times. You just got the TFW sack dragged across your forehead simply for using the forum as intended.

    And @fortynickel I still like the MT Coneheads enough to hold onto Dirge – for now… – and have held my pre-order for Ramjet as well. But you’d better believe that I have already talked to Jeremy to find out any info I can on DS releasing their own Coneheads because I cannot stress enough just how good their Starscream/other Seekers are/going to be.

    But I figure that if it takes them a few months or even years to put up pre-orders for the Coneheads, I’ll just unload my MT versions at a slight loss.

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