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    @Fortynickel I’m ok with the look of the TT Raiden but if they are going all-in-one with the combiner parts integrated into the bodies of the individual characters they’re all gonna suck in combine mode. They’ll all be short and gimped up with big hands hidden in extra long torsos and shit. Pantsforming is life!

    That’s cool. I’m interested in seeing how it all turns out though. I don’t know how I feel about all the kibble everywhere, seems unfinished. It’s like the newer MP Bumblebee, where the designers just decided that the front is good enough and went home.

    The decisions being made by Takara has been really strange lately, like V2 MP Bumblebee’s flimsiness and panels just hanging out the back, MP Arcee not being toon accurate for no discernible reasons, MP Skids looking like a Hasui Era bot, and now the combined mode and proportions of Raiden. This is Maketoys-level type of weirdness.

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