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    Pantsforming is life!

    This needs to be on a shirt asap


    The raiden chaos is crazy. There is real animosity over there about it. Some try to keep the discorse civil but its still there with snide comment or meme sprinkled in. I think official only boys are starting to see that the great and powerful hastak may not be as omnipotent as they’d thought. 3p are puttin out what they want with seemingly no fear. Ft-soundwave/fort max, zeta-unicron/raiden, te optimus, etc. And im here for it so bring on devi and the rest of the city bots. Ft-40 is huge in more than just its actual size. Its gotta be on hastaks radar and they cant be excited for ft to make the shitload of money they are about to from it. Itll be interesting to see if there is any backlash once the body goes up for po. Right now its just a robot that turns into a head

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