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    @dpuff So, Takara’s is all-in-one transformations into combined mode? Or the 3P? Because I was weirdly interested in the Moon Studio set – I’ll never buy it though – because it looked proportioned so well.

    Skipping parts-forming on combiners is awful. I may end up getting the MMC Combaticons because their robot modes are so good, but that’s the only reason.

    @Teletran-1 Anytime you’re making decisions based off a financial means and you don’t disclose it, people are right to be skeptical. There are quite literally no exceptions to this rule.

    @fortynickel I don’t remember what we were talking about but I will post some photos of the Dinobot shelf(ves) soon to capture just how much space these guys are taking up.

    Soar has really grown on me since this morning and the fact that all 5 FT may fit on one, normal shelf is also a plus. I’m surprised at how much of my decision-making has come down to that but with Capone on the way, several new Seekers coming and Acoustic Wave, I need to finish off all current groupings before deciding what to do about the FT Stunticons or any other new set.

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