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    Not entirely sure but yes I think the tt version is goin for the all in one concept like mmc. Its also reported the combined mode might possibly only be like 12 inches(though i feel theres a misunderstanding). Moon studio is sposed to match the current size standards. I had them all on po but decided to cancel for now. Not 100% interested in the character anyway plus its zeta so there is bound to be a repaint and/or giftset. As for the mmc combaticons, ive got all but swindle(should be here this wknd). Havent transformed any of them yet and I expect to replace them at some point if we see a ft version. Ill probably put them in combined mode when i get swindle just to say i did. They are pretty solid tho. Not a alot of hardware and no diecast that i can tell but plastic seems to be sturdy. They are kinda dull and not completely accurate especially standing next to my stunticons but i like them. Think im around 500 all in.

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