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    The most recent issue was trying to ship my stack and it giving me an error code. Took multiple attempts contacting them to respond. On my 2nd attempt I asked to just go ahead and ship it for me. When they finally responded they told me they would and asked for more details about the error code and i provided them with what they asked for. A few days later i get a response telling me good news its fixed and I can ship. I asked why they didnt when i had requested twice that they do so at this point and again no response. I was able to ship it and finally a few days after that the lable was created. Its been 2 wks since this started and my order still isnt here. Looked it up and I’m like 6 hrs from where it shipped from. Would have happily driven there. Other problems were sending me a loose jabber that was not listed as vintage or whatever the hell they call it when they sell used stuff and just overall terrible packaging practices.

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