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    Regarding TFC recent new POs for FT-40, the comments there are interesting:
    1. This time may take 1-2 years to release
    2. It may be pricey but I will double confirm with every pre-order before Pre-order dateline
    3. Payment plan will be available for this item in the future
    It’s the first time I saw a seller mention a “payment plan” due to the price, and that fit’s with the expensive price that will come.

    Also, regarding the “it may be pricey” and the “plan”comment, he surely knows more or less the price, although he won’t mention it now. It’s the same as what happened with the other PO that opened recently in the Philippines, the stores already have a general idea on pricing as it will probably be launched soon (1-2 years as mentioned by TFC seem like a good bet to me).

    (at least one store in Taobao now mentions that the body will be released on the second quarter of 2022, but I think it’s a confusion with FT-40A)

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