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    I just want to carry over the conversation from XTB’s Locke, which is why I came here today: As usual, it’s a disaster for at least some of us.

    For the past nine months, I’ve been talking with XTB, my Ebay seller, Keith, Miss Zou, the Facebook account and an army of dipshit, XTB stans about the exact replacement process for this guy. These fucking moron fans kept jumping in and saying, “oMGz BrO tHIs hAS bEEn DiSCuSsEd OvER aND oVeR…” but, of course, it hadn’t been for anyone who bought their figure on Ebay.

    Surprise-fucking-surprise: Miss Zou said to contact my seller and what did they say? My Ebay seller – MascotWhateverTheFuck – just told me to ship the original figure back to them and they’d get me the replacement. That’s probably a $60-80 shipping bill, plus I’d bet my ass that they’d want me to cover shipping on the new one too.

    At that point, just re-buy the goddamn figure. In talks with Miss Zou right now to just deal with me directly, seeing as how I own ten of their fucking figures and have however many more on order. Well… had. I returned: Virtus, Eligos, canceled a deposit on Abaddon and changed my mind on ordering their Protectobots after hearing for the fiftieth time that they’d handle this without ever specifying how.

    Magnus is probably still happening – don’t tell them that – but I’ll seriously just have to move past the rest of their crap because they are a shitty company.

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