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    Looking at some discussions on FT on TFW, is it only me or does it seem that everyone (or most including the ones against it when I and others mentioned it there) are going to the “buy abroad”route due to the increased international prices? Can’t say “I told you so”…:-P

    As you can tell from all the stuff going on nowadays, people will do whatever they want despite your best efforts to show them the truth. You have to teach me the Secrets of Taobao, sensei.

    If you get the PO price for Bombusbee, for example, you probably do not need to buy in Taobao (the PO prices in BBB have been some 20-25 USD more expensive than the Taobao PO price only, so the difference is not that much, and it’s easier than navigating Taobao). Anyway, I can always teach how to do it if you want it.

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