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    Just got an idea, instead of having a video channel with news and stuff, how about we create a video discussion table? We can schedule for a time that is ok for everyone, so we can have open discussions (while still streaming for people).

    I’m not sure exactly how it’d work, but I like the sound of it.

    I forgot if it was @dpuff or @fortynickel who I was talking to about XTB’s Locke replacement thing, but they did ship it and it arrived. I paid $50 for FedEx International Priority – think it got here in about five days – and it’s in great condition. I’m selling the old, shitty one, basically as parts, in hopes of recouping $30-40 of the cost of shipping the new one, but I have no complaints about XTB.

    For now. But they really did surprise me with this. The figure itself looks and feels great, but I was so sure that they were going to dick over people like me.

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