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    Haha yeah thats my listing. Wondered how long itd take someone to catch it. I had them sold for 900 on ebay a couple months ago but it got canceled when they didnt pay. Its my 2nd set and the price isnt what i actually want for them im just still undecided on whether to keep them or my xtb set. In the meantime if someone pays what i have em listed for then i wont complain about that either lol. They are all brand new unopened. I paid late tax on them all and IF i do actually let them go id just want as close to what i have in them as possible.

    Really liked my xtb menasor at first but its not holding up already. Arms wont hold a pose and i dont even have dead end on it and thats on top of the overall wobbliness of the whole thing. Honestly not looking good for it. May cut my loses before it gets worse

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