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    Only misb i have is some joe retro, tf walmart reissues, and motu origins. I have a little section of wall set just for those. I do have a misb og perceptor that I’m pretty proud of. The rest is all open and on my shelves. I actually have thougt about sendin my stuff in for bsf critique but its not ready yet. Too many empty spots, no lighting and still working on risers.


    On the xtb convo….fuck Keith.

    As I mentioned my menasor isnt holding up well already so i decided to do a run through on my xtb/kfc stuff. Most of it is turnin to crap if it wasnt already. Menasor is getting sold im keeping my 2nd ft set, there are a few xtb releases ill probably go for(runabout/runamuk and punch/cp) but only after reviews. IF defensor has beyond amazing reviews ill pick up the bots for it but my protectobots will be mmc for now. The only ones ill keep is opticlones and my 2 junkions. Those bastards are solid. Oh and boost bc i got him for $20 lol. Cosmos is a maybe but only of ft doesnt do one. Hoist, trailbreaker, wheelie, octane, the horrorcons can all fuck off for all i care. I want to have as complete as possible collection and for awhile xtb was a viable option but the more i mess with them as well as other companies the more i see how poorly their stuff is made in comparison. Zeta, mmc, and even bc make better products imo. Xtb is good for filler pieces if there isnt anything on the horizon for a given character and only if it can be had for cheap and then only after i watch a shit ton of reviews. Rant over….for now:)

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