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    Put my mmc bruticus together last night. While its too small for the scale i prefer im pleasantly suprised with how nice it is. The all in one aspect was kind of a turn off to me too at first. After seeing how its all intergrated tho im very impressed with it. Itll go back into single bot mode soon but im glad i checked out the combined mode. Honestly makes xtb menasor look even more like a pile of dog turds.

    These guys have quickly moved to the top of my “refer to somebody else to buy me as holiday gifts” figures, if you know what I mean.

    They’re just cheap enough for it not to be unreasonable, they’re widely available and they’re pretty difficult to screw up seeing as how there are only one version of each and I need all five. But the individual robots just look so great that I figure that if I have XTB’s individual Stunticons (which I’m closer and closer to selling off apart from Gravestone) and DX9’s Attila, then I might as well get a second set of Combaticons as well.

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