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    So, have you seen the other version being released soon? I forget the name of the manufacturer – new 3P brand, as far as I can tell – but it looks superb. I think it’s supposed to be released in 2022. You should check it out. I’d bet that if you just searched for Stunticons on TFW, you’d find it. Anyhow, I’m really glad that I went in on DX9 for Menasor. I added the printed insignia and am going to grab a support bar for Henry to stabilize him and aside from that, he’s pretty much perfect. That said I’m selling my XTB individuals – apart from Gravestone – now. Already sold Dead End and have an offer on the other three. I’m buying the FT Breakdown or Wildrider in the next day or so and probably starting on the other two of them available as soon as I can. If you do end up parting with your FT guys, if you want to let me know, I can all but guarantee that you’d have a buyer if I don’t have them by then. The holiday was just a good time for me to start on non-combined combiner groups. MMC’s Combaticons are the other one. I should just put them all in a cart and start pre-ordering them now, but will probably end up waiting. It’s just not very gratifying buying one part of a five-figure set.

    Great. Another MP Menasor for someone with a commitment problem. Just kidding, I’ll definitely check it out. After all, my goal is to be the hoarder with the coolest variety of stuff ever.

    I like and don’t like the MMC Bruticus at the same time. They look fun to flip back and forth and combine but I am not sure if these are the Combaticons I want for my imaginary future display. Also, my mom…I mean my wife is annoyed that she keeps tripping over my toys and wants me to clean my room.


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