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    I just want to say thanks to Marcelo for puttin this together. Its a damn shame how those guys are runnin stuff over there. It can be a great source of info but not being able to shoot the shit with some dudes on the internet that like to talk about things other than specific figures really is a bummer. My whole thing was just trying to bring some levity to the boards. Not all my jokes were the best but none of it was ever said with malice. I got a wk ban(im assuming) from the main ft thread and i honestly dont know exactly what it was other than just being a little off my rocker. No mod ever contacted me to try to come to a resolution. That sentinel dude popping in and shouting at us is the only time i heard any kind of warning and haven’t heard anything since. If im allowed back in ill be back just to find that info. But for the most part I think im over tfw. Heard bsf say something about the toxicity of the boards and i always just thought he meant the arguing. Didnt realize it went clear up to the mods being children.

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