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    I’m totally okay with this because all I really want from this stuff are 1) the ability to be notified about upcoming releases and 2) a place to talk with a few other people about what is good, bad or marginal. On that note, please, all opinions are welcomed: I’m really struggling with what to do with the Springer character. I have a deposit (of $3) down on the Saltus repaint and I’m really on the fence about whether or not I should also grab RH Springer… But XTB’s Virtus is also on the horizon. Apache has looked tempting at times, but I’d really like to see a good comparison video or get some feedback from people who own multiple versions.

    I have all three of those Springers. Apache is great for posing on a shelf and leaving it there. It feels like Sovereign, great shelf presence but not a fun toy. But I love the look of Apache.

    Saltus is an overall good figure. I enjoy the transformation and the feel of it but the face is a bit off. It’ll look good on the shelf but I never liked the torso shape even though it looks for toon-accurate.

    As for the Robot Hero one (I have the OpenPlay), it looks like a toy. It’s an enjoyable piece to flip back and forth but doesn’t have the stature of what I think Springer evokes. The new head will make it look better but I don’t like alt modes because they look like Fisher Price designs.

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