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    While none of them will ever win “best articulation” i agree with marcelo that alot of ft reputation is just laziness and lack of imagination on the part of the ppl complaining about ft posing abilities. They all have their quirks and limitations but they end up kinda posing themselves. Things just kinda feel right when you get them there. Jabber is great, so are quietus, dunerider, sheridan, aerialbots, stunticons. That said im not the type that needs their dinobots to be mid barrelroll, or sovereign to be doin a spinkick. For me a basic A with a little flare for most, a couple kneeling or with a knee propped, a few stands here and there, try not to repeat stances and im good. I was messing with terminus yesterday and noticed hes actually not all that bad for being a lumbering load. Just have to find that balance between what you want, what it can do, and what youre ultimately ok with……oh and physics…..never forget physics. That dirty bitch

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