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    Glad I read this thread. Always enjoyed reading your political leaning posts on TFW. Never joined in the conversation much because I’m usually 15 pages behind. Hopefully I can keep up a little better here

    I’m glad to hear that. The most memorable debate over at TFW was one which wasn’t overtly political, but definitely had some undertones to the general nature of scalpers, greed and entitlement found all over this hobby.

    Someone asked what “new” meant to buyers and whether it could include a figure which was “opened for inspection” (a phrase which has basically become synonymous to me with “I opened it, played with it for a month but got some semen on it while I was clowning around and now want to sell it”) or if it strictly meant that the tape had never been cracked. A surprisingly high portion of people said that when they sell things as “new,” it can mean that they even took the figure out of the clamshell, but didn’t transform it.

    I sell online quite a bit, so I mentioned what it means to me and what my standard is for a figure I buy as new… And holy shit, did a couple of guys get furious with me with one even starting to profanely name-call and rant.

    It got locked but not deleted, so you might still be able to find it in 3P if you’re interested in seeing just how easily some people can fool themselves into thinking that the definition of “new” is a very vague concept.

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