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    I think I actually remember that one come to think of it. If the tape is cracked, you list it as used. Some ppl applauded, others went insane. Totally agree.

    That’d be the one. The weirdest part is how readily those people told on themselves, you know? They kept saying that “there was no difference in condition of the figure” and “that what ‘new’ meant was a matter of opinion… but if there’s no difference in condition and other people see it differently, then there’s no reason not to just tell the buyer that. They’ll understand, right? I still maintain that the only reason to list the figure as “new” rather than just saying “used but factory fresh, yadda yadda” is that you want to dupe some new-only buyer into picking up your piece and then having to decide whether to go through the process of a return if they don’t like that you iNSpEcTeD it.

    It’s super easy to set ppl off over there. I was in the xtb Virtus thread right before the Locke debacle and commented on how I thought something was engineered. Next thing I knew there was a shit ton of angry posts from would be engineers moaning about how stupid I was. Lots of tools in that “place”

    I saw a great video recently about how certain political groups weaponize nostalgia in order to attract a really isolated, susceptible type of “customer” for lack of a better term. Their goals might differ from what a message board for a niche hobby or a retailer like TF Source may want, but it’s a similar strategy: make a detached viewer feel like one of the boys and they’ll start nipping at anyone’s heels who crosses the line.

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