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    The only other online community I exist in is for hot peppers. There’s debate, but it never gets too heated or disrespectful. That said, I don’t disagree with @fortynickel. Having transparent rules make sense to me.

    I am in agreement with @Moose about have transparent rules because it just sets expectations and spells it out clearly so people know.

    I think we should have a “Political Arena” should people really want to respectfully debate current issues without it spilling over into the main forum. I want to de-politicize (I know it’s impossible) the talk in the main forum as much as possible to allow us to have a momentary escape from the constant barrage at every level. Like utilizing nostalgia to push a political agenda, that’s just diabolical and utterly stupid because a lot of the messages emanating from those programs actually undermines their purpose.

    Christian was the one who pointed out to me that our humor was changing the atmosphere of the threads here we participated. I know there were some who appreciated it and some who didn’t but it was entertaining and the feedback was refreshing. I hoping that we can maintain that kind of environment.

    This isn’t about me though, it is just what I would like to see unfold here. Feel free to disagree because I am just tossing around ideas before we experience an explosion in new members and it all becomes chaos.


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