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    Can you really have any discussion of politics online without it devolving into disaster name calling? People would rather die or take horse medicine and go into a coma than get vaccinated. We can’t agree on facts anymore. I agree though that sometimes it’s relevant to collecting and it’s also weird to just stop talking or ignore it. So in conclusion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    My man, do you know what the most laughable thing is though? When you hear those same people taking ivermectin then turn around and start saying, “THIS IS JUS LIEK 1984! GOERGE ORWELL WAS SO RIHGT!!!”

    Do you realize how stupid someone has to be to cite a book written by an actual, antifascist, democratic socialist who enlisted specifically to fight an authoritarian regime in order to support a right-wing, authoritarian election overturning.

    Christian Written by: