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    Ok, I am still thinking about the rules thing, but let me just start with some general comments:

    • I’ve moderated the biggest technical forum on the internet (for regulations and things like that) for some years, so I do have a good grasp on what moderation is (and what it takes);
    • I don’t think that a lot of rules solves any problems. Basically, we are all adults here, so you cannot behave, I don’t think it’s a forum (or moderators) that will make you do that;
    • I think it’s important to be very transparent about the few important rules and implications;
    • In a general way, I think that the most important rules are “do not be toxic” and “don’t write something that would hurt people that do not have your line of though”, or something like this;
    • I don’t see a reason to have a “political arena”because I think these kind o opening defeat the purposes of a forum. For example, the focus on the forum here is Fanstoys products – we can and should accept any comment is general (that is not toxic nor hurt people), and I myself don’t have a problem if we go into a detailed tangential discussion of anything. However, some topics (such as politics and the like) turns antagonistic very easy, so it would be better we participants refrain from that most bickering aspects (and the mods could warn in general if they think things are going too much in a bad way);
    • And more important than anything: although I mentioned my thought above, and I maintain the forum, my understanding is that a discussion forum is made by the participantes, not the “forum owner”. So I will basically anything we as a group think are good for the continuing discussions.
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