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    I just “randomly” bought a FT-04X (figure only, no box, manual, card or accessories) and it just arrived at the warehouse in Japan inside a Nike Air box! ? I usually don’t like to buy products this condition, but I found this for an interesting price, and as I myself don’t need to parts (I would mostly keep the product in alternate mode) I made a buy to try and see.

    At least you knew it was coming without s box. A while back i bought a misb jabber from tfsource and recieved a lose one from their vintage dept. The listing i bought from said nothing about it being from the vintage side(bc if it had I wouldn’t have bought it bc i know those are usually used figures). I contacted them immediately and dude swore up and down that it was listed vintage. I asked him to prove it and he gave me a bs excuse about how once the product is sold it reverts to the original listing and if I wanted to return it I could but there would be a restock fee. I sent it back with a letter stating to take the restock fee from the refund and that I wanted to give them a tip. That tip was that they were lyin sacks of shit and to have a good day. Apparently they didnt mind. I just reordered from them

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