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    Still waiting on my arm bots. Dragstrip is on his was from bbts. Deadend is on po still and gravestone is in my stash. Gravestone isnt necessary but i think it will make the whole thing feel better once he’s in. The negatives… The legs only have side to side ratchets and they arent great. Really needed some in the knees at least. It is sturdy-ish. Dont think it’s just gonna fall over or anything but i also wouldn’t keep it on a top shelf either. I did end up using some kiki in the knees and ankles and it made a huge difference. Still able to pose him and all. It just gives them enough resistance to hold a little more dynamic pose. The only other weird thing is that i couldn’t get the legs to close up all the way at first. There are a couple of panels that fold into them and they have tabs on them. I couldnt find a configuration that would allow the legs to close unless i removed the tabs. So i did and it worked perfect. Idk how this will affect puttin him back to trailer mode but i dont plan on that anyway since ft will be my bot mode. And thats really it on the negatives. Didnt break any other tabs or panels(intentionally or not). Materials feel good. Scales well with zeta superion. Even without the ratchets the joints are pretty snug. And he looks awesome. The transformation wasnt bad at all but I will suggest watching emgo do it. He’s the only one i could find that actually showed the whole transformation. Bsf and others skipped alot and i can see how that would lead to some of the breakages ppl are whining about. If using emgo follow him until after he spreads the arms out then skip ahead if u want to avoid base mode. The best part is that I was able to get the whole thing for around 550 instead of the 1000 or more id be in on a second set of ft. Tfsource actually helped with that. Their sale and some points i had leftover got me the trailer for 160. Crackup was the hard one to find. Got mine at toydojo but think i might have gotten the last one. All in all im extremely happy with it.

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