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    Taking the discussion that we had here into account, my suggestion is that we have initial general rules such as these:

    General rules:

    1. The focus of the forum is discussion of Fanstoys transformers.
    2. We hope everyone here is an adult, and we expect that everyone behaves as such
    3. Do not be toxic
    4. Don’t write something that would hurt people that do not have your line of though
    5. Prohibited topics: No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Gore, Porn, or Sexual Content.
    6. Sensitive topics such as politics are not directly prohibited, but we expect that that are discussed with discretion and following the rules above. Also, it’s important to always remember the focus in 1.
    7. The rules are created and followed the community. The site owner and moderators are here to serve the community in following these rules.



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