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    Yeah ebay will charge more, but you also can charge more for whatever you’re selling and not have the hassles of people on FB.  I get the same guy every time asking “Is that in Canadian dollars?” I say no again and then he low balls whatever it was.

    My one problem with eBay was a buyer in Mexico, I was selling some cheap Robot heroes PVC Transformer set and it cost like $20 to ship but over $150 with tracking because it was so remote. The item was only $20 so I didn’t get tracking.  About 6 months later I think they filed a claim saying it never showed up. Never contacted me or anything. I think they waited until the time was nearly expiring and then basically got their money back. I’d just be careful where you’re willing to ship and keep the receipts and photos of you shipping it in case there’s any problem and you have to deal with eBay or PayPal at any point.

    @Christianc I’m surprised you lasted 10 minutes on that FT group, it’s the douchiest of the known TF fandoms!

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