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    The problem of comparing levels of toxicity this way is that it may seem like the lowest level is not thatttt toxic, when in fact it is.

    It’s not to say that lesser levels of toxicity is fine but just pointing out that there is a good percentage of reasonable people on there compared to what I have witnessed in other fandoms. I’ve had some enjoyable discussions among people with different mindsets and been able to walk away without it getting personal. My gripe was mostly with the TFW mods for letting certain people skirt the rules at the expense of others, creating an “us vs. them” mentality.

    There’s always going to be negativity because some are really aggressive in arguments, many are easily offended, and most want to determine winners and losers. I think it’s the in-between activities that helps reduce those tensions.

    Those are some issues you have to consider Marcelo as this forum grows. What are the boundaries of arguments? What kind of references are out of bounds? What are the penalties for infractions?

    Right now, all of us respect and enjoy each other’s retorts and sense of humor but as more join, it becomes more difficult to establish those types of relationships. Especially if those FB FT loyalists or the OCD collectors that want everything to strictly between the lines become members.

    Marcelo, you should also be prepared to be called an FT shill trying to push an agenda for dalianjj and worse if your goal is to have your website flourish.

    Just some of my thoughts. Sorry for being a party-pooper.


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