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    Seriously though, as bad as it can seem on TFW, I think it’s pretty tame compared to other fandoms. Watching some of these Original Trilogy vs. Prequel vs Sequel Star Wars fights is crazy. Or how Kevin Smith ruined people’s childhood because of the new “Masters of the Universe”. Everyone is just overly dramatic nowadays. We can’t just disagree over some trivial stuff and move on, everything has to be a holy war.

    It’s not a coincidence that you just mentioned two of the series with the highest level of integration into the Alt-Right movement…

    While I used to be big into Star Wars, I’ve really fallen out of it as a teenager and adult, but I did read a while ago that white supremacists take to it because a) fascists really love to weaponize nostalgia and b) the whole “magic blood full of Force bugs” thing really plays into the concept of Eugenics.

    As for Masters of the Universe, anytime someone says something like, “I think we should probably stop sexualizing this cartoon meant for children,” these chapped boners always have to show up and make it abundantly clear that after white supremacy, being a friendless virgin who jacks off to kids’ shows is what they really do best.

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