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     The best example of this that I could give would be that the first looks like: “Post office delays around here have been particularly bad ever since the budget cut-downs from this administration went into effect.” While the second one looks like: “That’s what I’m saying is that these fucking snowflake voters keep pulling this bullshit to take away our freedumb!” It’s really easy to discuss how politics affect everything – because they do, even online commerce – without making the heart of the discussion/criticism about the people reading it. The problem with doing away with all politics is that, in my eyes, having Covid-19 isn’t a political issue while a person getting a DUI is.

    My view is that the problem with the examples is they both seem to be personal opinions (because although the first one seems more contained, the correlation/causality of both events is a opinion) and these are usually the problem in discussion, because them people feel the need to put their own opinions, and usually it goes down the hill after this.



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