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    I get what ur saying. Adults should be able to have open respectful convos about anything. Problem is that this is rarely the case and when politics are involved that gets amplified. By allowing it at all it will inevitably turn into an argument like it always does no matter how well intentioned. Why invite that into a forum that was created to get away from that kind of stuff? Its a bad idea and not something i look forward to seeing. That said. Its not my site to run and i dont have to engage in the conversations so it really doesnt matter to me. Just throwing my two cents in. ?

    I agree that we are trying to avoid that kind of stuff. When I mentioned the political stuff, I was thinking more in line that: we need to discuss transformers here, and that should be the focus. Anything that goes out of the focus (and this include political discussions, discussion on personal opinions of products, and the like) will not be explicitly banned, but are not welcome and will be controlled under participants/moderators discretion.

    Also, as I mentioned above, you may not run the site, but my motto is that a forum is made by the participants. I will do anything the group think is better, not the other way around.

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