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    A lot of forum rules absolutely lends itself to worsening problems. As for discussion of politics in the realm of toy-collecting, I think that this thread is a perfect example of why it shouldn’t be a taboo, but should also be done in a particular way: discussing what is happening versus what is making it happen are two very different things. The best example of this that I could give would be that the first looks like: “Post office delays around here have been particularly bad ever since the budget cut-downs from this administration went into effect.” While the second one looks like: “That’s what I’m saying is that these fucking snowflake voters keep pulling this bullshit to take away our freedumb!”

    I can agree with what Christian posted here. The first example is just something reflecting the reality we face to have a baseline for discussion. As we have seen in our previous engagements, they can be pretty enlightening and entertaining.

    The second example is reflects the mentality that I abhor because there are people who just exist to troll. And my favorite response after that is that people are just too easily offended and they should be able to say things however they want.

    I am not in favor off too many rules either (At least until our sponsors tosses us some money, discounts or free figures).

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